Tony Talks #15: The State of the Nation(s)

Everything is broken. You know it. I know it. People are talking more about it these days, but still… everything is not just broken, it’s *exhausting*.

I was originally going to just put together a tweet thread about this but I feel compelled right now to write more about the desperate current state, not just of our politics in the West, but our societies in general. In some sense, David Cameron’s vision of a ‘Big Society’ in the UK has come to pass for Western democracy, just not in the way he imagined. We are one big, collapsing macrocosm of democracy which is being crushed under rapidly evolving systems and processes. Our society cannot cope with these quiet revolutions and, consequently, the centre—literally—is not holding.

At this stage, I’d like to, and this may sound weird, invite you to stop reading. I’m aware followers of my blog no doubt come here for discourse on cinema, TV, podcasts etc… and I’m equally aware, for some, never the twain shall meet when it comes to entertainment and politics. While I’m determined not to let this piece descend into a “Trump and Boris are c*nts” (they are) rant, I fully understand if this is the point you get off the ride. In fact, I encourage it if entertainment bloggers and critics discussing personal political views annoys you, especially if you hold a different view.

Still here? Great. Because I have thoughts.

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Tony Talks #10 – 37 Movies for 37 Years

What’s up, guys?

So exactly a month today, June 9th, I am going to be a princely 37 years old. Crap age really, isn’t it? Bit of a non-number. Very definitely means I’m no longer *young* but I’m not quite middle-aged either, not quite at 40 when all that life begins, or so they say.

Anyway, as part of my desire to revisit and discover new movies, I’ve hatched upon an idea. I’m going to dissect and write about 37 movies across the next 12 months to celebrate my age but, here’s the rub, I want *you* to decide what they’re going to be.

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Tony Talks #5 – Plan Changes & Radio Silence

Howdy guys, it’s been a while, right?

My apologies to anyone who has been enjoying this blog for the extended radio silence – I realise it’s been exactly one month since I posted anything. What a month it’s been!

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Tony Talks #2 – Comics, Screeners, Podcasts and, oh yeah, The Book!

Mellow greetings, everyone, how is your boggle?

So I’ve been busy and, I’ll be honest, not entirely on The Book. Naughty, I know! Headway has been made – now roughly at about 38,000 words of an estimated 90-95,000 so I’m not a million miles from being halfway done. A great deal still to plug away at; my next major chapter is all about Dystopian fiction so this means I get to watch lots of cheery stuff! The Purge soon-to-be quadrilogy is on my radar and that’s exciting as I love those films.

Anyway! What else? Firstly, hello to all the new blog subscribers!

Amazing how the internet works. My post all about Marvel & gatekeeping took off in a remarkable way thanks to a shove by WordPress itself (thanks guys) and it’s meant over 400 new subscribers to Cultural Conversation over the last few weeks. Incredible! Thanks guys for reading, liking and commenting and do keep it up – it’s the small gift which propels me on writing away about things I love.

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Tony Talks #1 – The Book

If you’re reading this, it means one of three things. You followed a link I posted on social media somewhere. You have the blog saved in your bookmarks and check in every now and then. Or you’re a subscriber and it popped up on your phone, tablet or desktop. Whichever fits you, I appreciate you stopping by (especially if you’re the third of those!).

Every now and then I’m going to write a little update filling you in on one or two things. Mainly when I have something to say that isn’t copious words about films, TV, books and whatever else I get the urge to churn out words about.

In this case, I want to talk about The Book.

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