Angel (1982) – The Filmography of Neil Jordan

In a brand new project, I am going to be looking weekly at the complete cinematic, feature-length filmography of a director, sometimes in the run up to a newly-released piece of work.

In the first Filmography project, I’m looking at celebrated Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan…

The debut feature of Neil Jordan belies that of a newcomer to cinema. Angel, while rough around the edges, displays a depth and artistry to signal out this filmmaker.

Jordan was already an established novelist, and the son of an Irish professor as well as university student of Irish history and English literature, when he circuitously arrived at the camera when he shot an on-set documentary about John Boorman’s re-telling of the Arthurian myth, Excalibur. In quite a fascinating piece of history concerning the foundations of the Irish Film Board and a certain level of controversy around Boorman’s role within it, Angel ended up becoming a crucial launchpad of Irish cinema in the early 1980’s, not to mention kickstarting Jordan’s career.

Boorman, by this point a celebrated director both in the UK and Hollywood thanks to pictures such as Point Blank and Deliverance, served as a clear totem for Jordan in his role as Executive Producer on Angel, a picture which carries weighty themes on a small frame.