TV, Movie, Book, Podcast Roundup – October 2019

Welcome to November! Because there’s not enough useless information floating around on the internet, I thought I would update readers of this blog as to what I’ve watched/read over the previous month, each month, in the form of TV, movies and books.

Some of this I will have reviewed on the blog but others I’ve just been watching for enjoyment with Mrs Black.

Let’s start this month with TV…

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Film Review: In Search of Darkness (2019)

If there is one decade of cinema that defines the horror genre, it is without doubt the 1980’s, a statement In Search of Darkness seeks to definitively justify. This is an extensive, four-hour plus deep dive into the darker, seedier side of cinema’s equally oft-reviled and beloved genre.

David A. Weiner’s documentary will perhaps disappoint those looking for a searing examination of cult, exploitative 80’s horror. Some of the more extreme examples *are* referenced—Cannibal Ferox, for instance—but this is primarily a deconstruction focused on the biggest and boldest examples of horror across a decade filled to burst with many of the more legendary franchises still prevalent in popular culture today – Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm St, Hellraiser, the list goes on. Only horror aficionados can truly attest to whether In Search of Darkness provides new insights into the genre but Weiner leaves no stone unturned in exploring all of the components that constitute 80’s horror, and the genre in general.

For someone like me, without a true grounding in the era or genre, In Search of Darkness was an illuminating watch that didn’t necessarily introduce me to a range of new films I had never before heard of, but whetted my appetite to discover and know more about the ones I had.

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