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An all new podcast about cinema I’ve just launched with my friend and podcast buddy, Carl Sweeney. Motion Pictures is designed to be more of an informal, free-flowing chat about movies, geared around a topic of the week. There will also be choice episodes around an idea, whatever takes our fancy really! It’s an exciting …

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In the latest episode of the Cultural Conversation podcast, we look at David Fincher’s seminal Fight Club. A. J. Black is joined by guest Andrew Brooker to talk Fincher’s film, Chuck Palahniuk’s book, the journey from book to screen, and how Fight Club may be as relevant now as two decades ago… Music ‘Transmission’ (c) http://www.purple-planet.com

Mission Impossible III may not be the strongest outing in the franchise, but it may be the most human. Surprisingly, this works as both a strength and to the film’s detriment in the eyes of many. For everyone who considers Mission Impossible II the weakest episode of the saga, which you can find my thoughts …

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