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My name is Tony, but because for some reason you can never find decent handles on social media for my full name, I’ll go by my pen name – A.J.

In my head, I think I look like Chris Pratt.┬áMy wife tells me I am 100% Samwell Tarly. She’s probably right.

I used to write scripts for many years. Then I tried writing prose. Then I realised I didn’t enjoy either as much as reviewing, dissecting and talking about movies, TV and film music, probably my three passions in life.

In the last five years, I’ve also discovered my face for radio by becoming a seasoned podcaster. Over 250+ produced episodes of multiple different shows and counting. For more info, follow @ajblackwriter on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

I live in Birmingham, England, with my wife and our non-existent cats Mulder & Scully.

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