New Interview: MYTH-BUILDING IN MODERN MEDIA on Author Interviews

Brand new interview.

I was very pleased to be featured on the excellent Author Interviews site, alongside some rather esteemed contemporaries, to discuss my book Myth-Building in Modern Media, my writing journey and practices, and what I’ve been enjoying reading lately.

This was conducted during the Covid-19 lockdown in the summer but it’s still a relevant window into my process. Here’s a little taster and you can find a link below.

What led you into writing?

I’m honestly not sure there was a particular moment I can point to in my life. I’ve just always been writing down my thoughts on things, or writing stories, since I was a child. I would write fiction in notebooks or write reviews of TV shows on paper and piece them together like the magazines I would devour back as a child, like Starburst or TV Zone. Then I gravitated to computers and slowly fell more and more down a rabbit hole of either writing scripts, or film reviews, and so on. I’ve never really stopped writing in some form or other all of these years.

Read more here:


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