Tony Talks #22 – Adventures on Reddit

Howdy pardners!

I hope you’re continuing to stay safe and well during the lockdown, or semi-lockdown, or early coming out of lockdown, or whatever is happening where you are!

Just another quick little update today…

Aside from writing Alias reviews and 2000 in Film pieces (some good and terrible to come in the next few weeks!), I’ve also been exploring the wonders of Reddit. Are you on that platform? I joined about a year ago but it didn’t really click until recently. I’m finding it quite rewarding so far. It reminds me of the old message boards I used to frequent for geek culture in the 2000’s, just with the ability to up or down vote (which encourages a few pile on’s, but there you go…).

I daresay it’ll end up as fractured as the rest of social media but I’m enjoying the fad while it lasts, and I’ve created a couple of communities on there that, if you’re a Redditor, you may be interested in joining:


An extension of the blog, basically, and a place I’d love to have some in-depth discussions not just about my posts but about pop culture in general. Feel free to join and post any topics you wish, would love to chat more.


For anyone interested in 70’s cinema, in advance of my We Made This podcast The New Wave launching in a few weeks, a subreddit on American New Hollywood of the 60’s through to the 80’s. Again, any fans please jump on and let’s talk some classic movies.

So yeah. Really hope to see you all over there.

Oh and in other news, the first book proofs of Myth-Building in Modern Media just arrived in PDF form so I’m looking forward to doing a final proofread/index with a view to this finally being in your hands (if you’re interested in it!) either in the summer or autumn! Can’t wait.

Take care & hopefully see you on Reddit!



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