Tony Talks #20: Cultural Conversation Strikes Back!

Friends! Readers! Countrymen!

You may have noticed that around a month or so ago, I said I was saying goodbye to WordPress for a site called Substack – some of you may well have followed me over there (thanks if you did).

It didn’t, however, quite work out. Substack is great. I was really impressed with the style and presentation of it, how easy it was to use, and how it facilitates what I want with my blog writing – contact and interaction with *you*, the reader. What it lacked, for me, was the sense of curation. It is designed more as a newsletter to communicate and interact, rather than a way to importantly store work online as a repository, which is what I prefer about WordPress. So, I’m back, and I’m going back to basics.

I’m going back to the original name – Cultural Conversation.

For a while, the sub-name of the blog has been (Un)Popular Culture, which I do enjoy, but it dawned on me that the culture I was often writing about wasn’t always, well… unpopular! So it started to make less and less sense to me as a sub-title for what is essentially a storehouse of *me*.

Cultural Conversation still works, for me. It’s what I discuss. It’s what I have with you on here and on social media – conversation. It feels the best fit going forward. In tandem, I’ve dabbled in a more expensive yearly plan on WordPress to see if it facilitates what I do. I have, as a result, triggered WordAds to help bring in some revenue, so if you ever click on an ad for the site, you’ll actually be helping me survive (so don’t rule it out just yet!). The new plan has also helped me–finally–put together quite a stripped back, clean visual template for my site – partially inspired by my friend Darren Mooney’s online home (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, and all that).

So what comes next?

As I said at the top of the year, I’m posting much less right now as I’m working on Book II, so I am fully immersed in the world of Star Trek. Over 20,000 words in, progress is being made of what will roughly be a 90,000 word manuscript (not including notes) so still a long way to go. Until I have a full draft completed, that will have to be the priority this year, but I’m determined the 2000 In Film pieces and Scene by Scene‘s will at least continue, plus I may jump on and write the odd piece here and there. I will also get back to linking to podcast appearances, either solo posts or a monthly roundup in the manner I used to do about what I was watching.

As always, thank you to anyone who reads any of this, as I don’t take any of that for granted. If you want to support what I do, please leave comments with your thoughts or musings on pieces, find me on my social media handles (primarily @ajblackwriter on Twitter) and if doable, drop me a few coins on Ko-fi so I can buy a coffee! Link is on the main page.

Oh and my first book, Myth-Building in Modern Media, should be dropping in early June now, but we shall see. You can still pre-order and, again, a link is on the main page. I’ll keep everyone posted on it.

Have a great day folks.



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