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Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing some thinking over 2020 about what I want to focus on in terms of writing and I’ve decided to make some changes. Principally, make a move to a brand new blog space for my writing endeavours called Substack.

Some of you who read this blog have been great at commentating and lending thoughts about my writing but I want to dig deeper into that in 2020 and Substack is very much a place where I can do that. Based on email subscription, much like this blog, it nevertheless feels more personal and hopefully will encourage some deeper conversation about all of things I write about.

So this is my entreaty for you to join me over there at this link.

You just enter your email for free and join my subscription list. I’ll still post links on social media but eventually I’ll be targeting content just for subscribers so if you want to keep following my writing, that’s the place to be.

As for this space, it will absolutely remain, as a repository for previous writing, for my podcasts and there will likely be a once monthly update, but I’m not going to write any more content on here for the foreseeable future. If Substack doesn’t work out, I may end up back here but, as I say, my hope is that you’ll join me over there and keep reading and, hopefully, joining me for some conversation.

Here’s the link again. Hope to see you there!

T x

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