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Merry Christmas!

It’s the latest episode of my podcast about cinema with my friend and podcast buddy, Carl Sweeney.

Motion Pictures is designed to be more of an informal, free-flowing chat about movies, geared around a topic of the week. There will also be choice episodes around an idea, whatever takes our fancy really! It’s an exciting project.

In this episode, we discuss the biggest cinematic release of 2019 – Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

With the recent release of the concluding chapter, George Lucas’ original story of the Skywalker family comes to an end after 42 years of twists and turns, prequels and sequels, and a complete transformation of Hollywood and cinema around it.

We talk about the saga, our own experiences with it growing up in the wake of the original trilogy, and how The Rise of Skywalker brings it all to an end, but we’re also going to look at the myth-making behind Star Wars as a whole and how much the Campbellian ‘heroes journey’ has influenced fiction as a whole…

Plus! In our ‘What We’ve Watched’ section, we pick through some recommendations of cinema new and old, including Marriage Story & If Beale Street Could Talk &, plus a couple to avoid along the way…

You can listen to the episode on Spreaker, Apple Podcasts and your podcast player of choice, or via Spotify below.

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