New Podcast Guest Appearance: WITHOUT A MOUSE – ‘The Love Bug’

Hosted by Disney fanatics and film fans Tim Henton and Chris Wilson, Without a Mouse is one of the podcasts on my network, We Made This.

Every fortnight, Tim and Chris look at a live-action Disney movie and see if it holds up from our modern perspective. With Chris away with the man flu, I stepped in and joined Tim alone to discuss one of my favourite childhood movies, 1968’s The Love Bug, starring Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle.

It was a real pleasure joining Tim for this as I grew up loving Herbie and the Disney movies featuring him, so revisiting The Love Bug after so long was an absolute joy. Hopefully I’ll be on again in 2020 talking Herbie Rides Again too…

You can listen to the episode on Spreaker, Google Podcasts, Castbox, on Apple Podcasts and your podcast player of choice, or via Spotify below.

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