New Podcast Guest Appearance: The Movie Palace – ‘1st Birthday Special’

Having cut his podcasting teeth on my X-Files show, Carl last year broke out to develop The Movie Palace, a podcast which looks every week at a brand new film from Classic Hollywood.

This week, Carl celebrated a year of The Movie Palace by inviting guests and contributors to recommend a classic movie from pre-1970 to share with the podcast world, and I am pleased to be amidst a host of talented folk discussing my choice, the British 1962 comedy The Fast Lady.

Not many people have heard of this genteel picture, directed by Ken Annakin and starring amongst others a young Julie Christie, but I’ve loved it since it popped up on British telly when I was a kid in the 80’s. It’s very of its time but has a great balance of action and comedy, fun performances and a host of cameos from old comedy stars. It’s a little gem.

You can listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, your podcast player of choice, or via Libsyn below.

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