Podcast Appearance: The Projection Booth #397 – Big Trouble in Little China

Having first appeared earlier this year discussing Twelve Monkeys, it was a real thrill to reappear on The Projection Booth again this week, talking John Carpenter’s classic Big Trouble in Little China.

I’ve gone on record before in saying how much I consider Mike White’s podcast to be the premier film podcast online; amidst a sea of great shows, Mike’s forensic examination of cult and classic movies, not to mention incredible interviews with cast and crews of said films, is unparalleled.

When the chance to discuss Big Trouble came along, I seized upon it. I consider it to be Carpenter’s best picture in a sea of gems, a seminal 1980’s action comedy with Kurt Russell on brilliant form, and it was a pleasure to watch the film several times in preparation again, research and learn awesome new facts, and soak up the film all over again.

A great time had talking about the film with Mike and fellow guest Vincenzo Natali, the talented director of among many other films the 1997 sci-fi cult picture Cube, who was delightful and insightful.

I’ll be back in the booth later this year all going to plan at least one more time. I am scaling back my podcast output massively in 2019, but you can find me across the year in guest appearances also on Primitive Culture, The 250, The Movie Palace and maybe one or two other things. We’ll see.

Follow the link below for the full discussion, though definitely give the movie a rewatch first, as you’ll enjoy the chat even more!

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