Tony Talks #5 – Plan Changes & Radio Silence

Howdy guys, it’s been a while, right?

My apologies to anyone who has been enjoying this blog for the extended radio silence – I realise it’s been exactly one month since I posted anything. What a month it’s been!

For those of you who don’t know, in August I got married and went on an almost immediate honeymoon for almost two weeks, so as I said in my last update, it’s a wonder I could squeeze anything out in August at all. As you can imagine, following the nuptials, I took the advantage of a well-earned, restful break in Thailand (when I wasn’t sweating to death or being nibbled at by mosquitoes that thankfully were not carrying malaria). So no writing for at least two weeks.

Upon my return, a week before the resumption of work, I immediately had my mind fixed on the next big challenge – The X-Cast Live: a 24 hour continuous podcast event all about the 25th anniversary of The X-Files which took place on Saturday 1st September. It was partly in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society in order to raise funds for helping the fight against dementia, and I’m proud to say I managed to raise almost £1300 for the cause. Thanks to anyone reading this who may have donated – I survived the day in order to tell the tale!

In fairness, podcasting for a day with only minimal toilet breaks was more enjoyable than you might imagine, especially when talking about the thing I love the most in the world (after my wife, of course, though she might sometimes dispute that!). Having said that, I couldn’t do it regularly! It is absolutely a logistical and psychological challenge, even when spending it in the company of friends and speaking to some talented and generous people. I was particularly tickled pink to have a conversation with writer/director Glen Morgan, a man whose work I have long admired and who rarely does podcasts – I feel we bonded a touch over our love of Kubrick and 1970’s cinema.

Cheap plug, but you can hear that chat with Glen (alongside his equally talented wife Kristen) by subscribing as a Patron to The X-Cast podcast. Here’s how, if you felt the inclination:

Beyond this, I’m once again grappling with Cult Fiction (still working title) as I race toward the publisher deadline. Honestly, I’ve asked for an extension because I’m still, even nine months on from getting the green light, trying to figure out the shape of it. I’ve learned some valuable lessons developing this book–my first, as you know–principally the wisdom of not overreaching in terms of ambition. You’ll see, once hopefully you read it, that I set myself a significant challenge with the breadth of what I wanted the book to cover. I may not make that mistake again should I be lucky enough to write a second.

That being said, the process is still enjoyable (most of the time), but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss regularly blogging, reviewing and pondering about film & TV culture. Right now, I worry that if I click back into that, I may click too deeply out of the book mindset and even with a possible extension, I still need to focus my energies in getting it finished. Though I have an idea for what I want Book Two to be, I won’t pitch it immediately. First I want some time to kick back and write some nonsense on here and for my entertainment website, Set The Tape.

There are also my other podcast projects – a nascent network called We Made This which will launch officially in January as a proper home for The X-Cast, not to mention a spin-off podcast talking about Chris Carter’s Millennium and one or two other projects in the pipeline. I also am working with my friend & podcaster Carl Sweeney on a film-related podcast venture for early next year, plus there are guest spots on my Trek FM show Primitive Culture, Carl’s own The Movie Palace, and Mike White’s The Projection Booth all to come, plus perhaps one or two other things. I’m enjoying having plenty of podcast irons in the fire.

Beyond all this, most importantly, I am enjoying the feeling of being married and planning a life with the woman I love, which is exciting in itself and will likely direct many of the future plans I’m developing. That adventure is just beginning.

Anyway, I will do my best at least to check in weekly for now with some content, so keep the blog bookmarked. It’s not going anywhere. It’s just right now having to play second fiddle. Stay tuned…



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