Tony Talks #2 – Comics, Screeners, Podcasts and, oh yeah, The Book!

Mellow greetings, everyone, how is your boggle?

So I’ve been busy and, I’ll be honest, not entirely on The Book. Naughty, I know! Headway has been made – now roughly at about 38,000 words of an estimated 90-95,000 so I’m not a million miles from being halfway done. A great deal still to plug away at; my next major chapter is all about Dystopian fiction so this means I get to watch lots of cheery stuff! The Purge soon-to-be quadrilogy is on my radar and that’s exciting as I love those films.

Anyway! What else? Firstly, hello to all the new blog subscribers!

Amazing how the internet works. My post all about Marvel & gatekeeping took off in a remarkable way thanks to a shove by WordPress itself (thanks guys) and it’s meant over 400 new subscribers to Cultural Conversation over the last few weeks. Incredible! Thanks guys for reading, liking and commenting and do keep it up – it’s the small gift which propels me on writing away about things I love.

Speaking of, you’ll see I’m slowly barrelling into Alias Season 1. Was only about 18 months ago I did a full rewatch but I dearly love this show, and all the deep dives I’m doing is making me see it in a way I never did before (mainly as a post-Cold War hangover trying to figure out who the bad guys are). I hope, if you read them, you’re enjoying the exploration. My aim over the next few months is to finish all 22 of S1 and then go back to Game of Thrones and look at Season 2 of that, which will be fun (if a *lot* bleaker!).

Also doing lots of bits and pieces for Set The Tape, my entertainment website. Still really enjoying The Prisoner revival from Titan Comics, that’s a belter of a new comic – here’s my review of the last one, with the latest to come tomorrow. The X-Files also has a new comic take which I’ve been looking at – early days but will be a grower I think. Some great movies though – Spielberg’s The Post, the delightful 50’s Oscar winner Marty and the classy The Barefoot Contessa in recent months.

A few screeners to come I’m looking forward to is the Colin Firth/Rachel Weisz drama The Mercy, a brand new, extras loaded version of The Dam Busters – plus I should be getting early access to Season 2 of Luke Cage, so I’ll be doing a preview of that. Hoping it’s more consistently entertaining than the first season, which I found luke warm. Luke. Warm. See what I did there? See?? Never mind! I’ll link you in to all this stuff anyway no doubt.

Apart from this, some podcasting here and there. I’m gearing up for my labour of love, The X-Cast, my X-Files podcast, coming back to cover Season 3 of that brilliant show with a tweaked format, so beavering away editing there. I parted ways as a regular host of Primitive Culture, my Star Trek podcast I co-created, but I’ve left it in wonderful hands and I’ll be stopping by from time to time for a guest appearance talking Trek. ALSO I’m kicking off a new idea called A Year at the Pictures – talking all the main movies of 1997. I’ll talk more about that in time but it’s fun assembling some fantastic podcasters to talk some varied and legendary flicks.

Guest appearance wise, I cropped up on Darren Mooney/Andrew Quinn’s great The 250 to talk a small indie called Avengers: Infinity War, and in a couple of weeks I’m really excited that I’ll be making my debut as a guest on Mike White’s The Projection Booth–for my money the best film podcast out there–talking Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys, which was a lot of fun to discuss.

So yeah. Busy busy busy. I’ve no doubt forgotten something. Oh yeah – still getting married soon! Mustn’t forget that!

Right, I’m off for a mushroom slice at a BP garage. Thanks for reading my ramblings & speak soon.

T x

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