Tony Talks #1 – The Book

If you’re reading this, it means one of three things. You followed a link I posted on social media somewhere. You have the blog saved in your bookmarks and check in every now and then. Or you’re a subscriber and it popped up on your phone, tablet or desktop. Whichever fits you, I appreciate you stopping by (especially if you’re the third of those!).

Every now and then I’m going to write a little update filling you in on one or two things. Mainly when I have something to say that isn’t copious words about films, TV, books and whatever else I get the urge to churn out words about.

In this case, I want to talk about The Book.

So capitalised because I’m dramatic (as those of you who know me will attest), The Book is unnamed as yet but I have a contract with a publisher in the States to have a book draft finished by the end of September. It’s going to be all about fictional mythologies and the worlds behind them, of everything from HP Lovecraft through to Assassins Creed and dozens more pieces of media from across the entertainment world. I know what you’re thinking – ambitious, right? Well… yeah. Just a bit.

In fact, I didn’t quite realise the scope of what The Book would be until I started researching and drafting parts of it. The more I venture down the rabbit hole on a topic (say, Dystopian fiction, for example), not only does the rabbit hole get deeper, but an entirely new hole pops up and off I go chasing an entirely different rabbit. I’m basically in the middle of a field filled with holes where lots of rabbits keep popping up and laughing at me. I’m not sure where this analogy is going at this point…

Anyway, the point is, The Book will now need to start eating up more of my time as we race into the summer (like we get a summer in the UK!), especially given this summer I’m also getting married so, understandably, 2018 is quite the busy year! Consequently, posts on Cultural Conversation may start to thin out a bit. They won’t stop, as now I’ve got some momentum with this blog and have figured out the way I enjoy approaching exploring the media I love, it’ll feel like the pudding after the tough meal that is The Book.

But… posts may either be shorter or be a little more spaced out.

My next big show to explore will be Alias, to begin with the first season. Alongside that, Game of Thrones explorations will continue as I enter season two. There will still be reviews of new movies I catch, plus the odd book and comic I read tied into particular franchises I love. But, as I say, they may not be as frequent.

So do stick around and check back in if you’re enjoying my work on the blog, as there will still be some goodness to come. Do follow me on Twitter @ajblackwriter or add me on Facebook as ‘AJ Black’, which is my public account. Also keep an eye on my website, where I co-lead a brilliant group of writers churning out fantastic content on a daily basis.

Right, I’m off for a coffee and to write about Capitalism. Standard Friday!

Tony x

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