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Peachtree & Pine: The Atlanta Shelterless Project is a multi-media compilation combining hard statistics and compelling cinematography to tell the story of shelterless-ness in the city of Atlanta, GA.

Episode 1: The Problem

The closing of a shelter and the disposal its dependents, a small example of a wider issue in the city.

Episode 2: Solutions

Though the issue of shelterless-ness is real and continuous, so is the fight against it. Large corporations and grassroots organizations alike band together, sometimes daily, to combat the ills of street dwelling.

Episode 3: COVID-19

The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has plagued almost every socioeconomic group on the planet, but those without an address in Atlanta face particularly concerning hurdles.

Episode 4: Hostile Architecture

Many of us are blind to the hostile architecture around Atlanta. Whether you’re strolling in a park or driving through an underpass, you’ve no doubt seen the obstacles that are intentionally placed in the way of our shelterless citizens.

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Making it count: Examining Atlanta’s shelterless population and how they’re counted

Atlanta is known for many things: Its vibrant and thriving music and entertainment scene, its storied civil rights history and progressive will, and of course, its failing sports teams.  But one oft-overlooked population of the city is its shelterless population.  For the past two years, the city’s shelterless population has trended upward. Yet, little has…